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Agility on the Greens Trial

For the last couple of years the Pet Specialists’ staff provided veterinary support for the SMART (Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team) Agility on the Greens event at the York School. The competition brings together dozens of dogs and their handlers from various states across the country to strut their speed and skill at hurdles, tire jumps, see-saws, and weave poles. The high-energy sport of canine agility tests speed, accuracy, athleticism, and obedience. Agility competitions are fantastic opportunities to see canine athletes (and their handlers) in action.

To learn more about SMART and their upcoming events visit their website at Maybe we will see you there.

SMART_agility_show photo agility

Supporting your canine officer

Recently Pet Specialists of Monterey and Cover Your K-9 teamed up to provide an educational seminar for local Police dog handlers. This free seminar organized by volunteers included talks by Dr. Greg Marsolais and Dr. Bill Sullenberger on wellness care of working dogs, emergency in the field triage, common toxin ingestion and prevention, as well as other working dog specific topics. Cover Your K-9 provided emergency medical kits for the officers in attendance and everyone participated in a hands on field bandaging lab.

This was a great event and we look forward to continue our support of our local K-9 hero’s in future events to come.

If you are interested in supporting these types of events please visit or stop by our offices where we have a collection box for donations to Cover Your K-9.

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Canine Heroes

024018 Pet Specialists of Monterey would like to introduce two new Canine Heroes in our blood donor program, Ollie and Copper!
Ollie and Copper are young healthy dogs and universal donors. Through regular blood donations and blood banking at Pet Specialists, Ollie and Copper will help save the lives of critical patients at our clinic and local veterinary practices in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

Pet Specialists is the only clinic on the central coast that screens and collects blood donations for local blood banking services. Regional blood banks can take more than 24 hrs to ship blood products, which can mean the difference between life and death for our furry family members. Through local blood banking, Pet Specialists provides immediate access to blood products to assist critical patients in any of the local veterinary practices.

Thank you Ollie and Copper for becoming Canine Heroes!

Could your pet become a Hero? Check out the attached flier.
Blood Donor Program Flier