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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pet Specialists of Monterey accept credit cards or provide a payment plan?
Yes, we accept cash, checks, and Visa or MasterCard. We also offer CareCredit; applications are available at the front desk.

Will I receive an estimate of expenses before my pet receives care?
Yes, PSM will provide you with treatment options and an estimate of related costs. You will have a chance to review the estimate with your doctor and ask any questions. We will keep you apprised of any changes to the agreed-upon treatment plan or cost estimate.

Is a deposit necessary before my pet receives care?
Yes, once you approve the treatment plan and cost estimate, we ask that you provide a deposit as a partial payment for services.

Will my family veterinarian be informed of my pet’s care and status?
Yes, PSM will work collaboratively with your family veterinarian and other specialists to ensure the best outcome for your pet. We will update your veterinarian as to your pet’s progress on a daily basis.

Can I visit my pet at the hospital?
Yes, visits are encouraged while your pet is recovering. Due to the nature of our emergency service; however, we ask that you call to schedule visits when possible so we can ensure a doctor is available to meet with you and answer any questions.